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Open Auditions

The Kelsey Theatre invites you to . . .

Anyone can audition, you do not have to be a student at MCCC.

NOTE: Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College Campus unless otherwise stated. Check the Kelsey Theatre for room location signs.

All performances will be held at Kelsey Theatre, located on the West Windsor Campus of Mercer County Community College 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550 unless otherwise stated.

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‘4 2 N D   S T R E E T’  A U D I T I O N S

Mercer County Community College, 1200 OLD TRENTON RD,  W. WINDSOR, N.J. 08550

P R E S E N T E D   B Y :               M&M STAGE PRODUCTIONS

DIRECTOR: Mike DiIorio        MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Pam Sharples        CHOREOGRAPHER: Laura Murey Ghaffoor



AUDITION DATES: Friday, April 21 (7pm-9pm), Saturday, April 22 & Sunday, April 23, (10am-4pm)



SHOW DATES: Friday, 7/14 & 21 @ 8pm Saturday, 7/15 & 7/22 @ 8pm, Sunday, 7/16 & 23 @ 2pm


To schedule an audition time and show info, please visit:


The audition will consist of singing (audition songs listed below), a reading (if needed) and dance. 

Readings will be from the script.

Bring the audition form, updated picture and resumé with you.

Please bring both jazz and tap shoes. (If you do not have tap shoes, bring well-fitting shoes with hard soles) Everyone will be taught some dance movements so please wear comfortable clothes.

There will be a tap audition as well. Extended tap is featured in the show.


Peggy Sawyer arrives in NYC from Allentown, PA with her tap shoes and big dreams. Her talent catches the eye of legendary director, Julian Marsh, who gives her a spot in the chorus of his new show, “Pretty Lady”. Unfortunately, the female lead of the show, Dorothy Brock, dislikes her. When Dorothy is injured during the show’s preview, the show is in danger of closing unless they can find someone to step in to save it, someone like Peggy Sawyer.




C H A R A C T E R   D E S C R I P T I O N S :

PEGGY SAWYER (LEAD)-Young & naïve; talented & hopeful. Gets her big break when called to fill for the injured lead. Triple Threat. Plays 19-23 years old. Must be strong tapper. Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano. Intense dance.     AUDITION SONG: “QUARTER TO NINE”, “42ND STREET”


DOROTHY BROCK (LEAD)-Established Broadway star. Temperamental and vain. Must be strong soloist. Known for being a poor dancer. Breaks her ankle and loses leading role. Character softens by show’s end. Plays 35-45. Alto. Light-Med dance.   SONG: “QUARTER TO NINE”, “I KNOW NOW”


JULIAN MARSH (LEAD)-Broadway show director. Strong, charismatic. Tense due to directing big show during the Depression. Realizes that the show isn’t the only important thing. Must be strong soloist. Plays 35-55. Tenor. Light dance (tap a plus).       SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”


BILLY LAWLOR (LEAD)-The young Broadway star. A bit of a ladies man; helps Peggy overcome her nervousness. Triple threat. Plays 22-27. Tenor. Strong tapper; Intense      SONG: “DAMES”


MAGGIE JONES (SUPPORTING)-Co-writer of  “Pretty Lady”; comedic supporting role; must be strong soloist. Plays 30-45. Mezzo belter. Some dance w/ tap                                                                                              SONG: “SHUFFLE OFF TO BUFFALO”


BERT BARRY (SUPPORTING)-Co-writer of  “Pretty Lady”; comedic supporting role. Plays 30-45. Tenor.  Some  dance (tap a plus)        SONG: “SHUFFLE OFF TO BUFFALO”


ANN REILLY (SUPPORTING)-Big flirt; experienced chorus girl who takes Peggy under her wing. Strong singer. Plays 24-35; Mezzo-belter. Strong tapper. Intense dance                                                                                 SONG: “WE’RE IN THE MONEY”


PHYLLIS, LORRAINE, GLADYS (FEATURED)-Chorus girls who befriend Peggy. Plays 25-35; Mezzo-belter; Strong tappers; Intense dance   SONG: “WE’RE IN THE MONEY”


PAT DENNING (FEATURED)-Former vaudeville partner of Dorothy, and her true love. Plays 35-50;Baritone; No dancing  SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”


ABNER DILLON (FEATURED)-Texan, Dorothy’s wealthy beau,  providing financial backing for show as long as Dorothy stars; mostly speaking role; Plays 40-60; Baritone; no dance   SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”


ANDY LEE (FEATURED)-Either sex; Dance captain; Tough drill sergeant. Any age. Strong tapper. Intense dancing.     SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”


MAC-Stage manager; bossy and gruff; Any age; Speaking role only  SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”


OSCAR-Rehearsal pianist who is onstage quite a bit. (Does not need to play piano but is a plus); No lines; No dance


CHORUS GIRLS & GUYS-Dancers/Singers in show. Age-OVER 15. Strong tappers; Intense dancers; Some doubling of roles for Guys (Need at least 4 strong singers for 4 part harmony)                                                     SONG: “LULLABY OF BROADWAY”          

--------  A L L   R O L E S   A R E   O P E N  --------








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