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Open Auditions

The Kelsey Theatre invites you to . . .

Anyone can audition, you do not have to be a student at MCCC.

NOTE: Auditions will be held on the Mercer County Community College Campus unless otherwise stated. Check the Kelsey Theatre for room location signs.

All performances will be held at Kelsey Theatre, located on the West Windsor Campus of Mercer County Community College 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550 unless otherwise stated.


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Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by Tim Rice


Jesus Christ Superstar will be produced by Playful Theatre Productions (producers Suzanne Smith and Hilary Leboff), with direction by Frank Ferrara, musical direction by Shannon Ferrara and Michael Gilch, and stage management by Ruth Kresge and Nancy Scharf.



Sunday, August 3 (12:00pm - 5:00pm)

Tuesday, August 5 (7:00pm - 10:00pm)

callbacks, as required, are tentatively scheduled for August 14 and/or 15


Auditions and callbacks will be held in the Communications (CM) building adjacent to Kelsey Theatre; for maps and directions, please visit www.kelseyatmccc.org


Call 609-378-5515 or e-mail ptpauditions@gmail.com

In order to minimize wait times, audition appointments are very strongly recommended


One complete song (songs in musical theatre, pop, or rock style may be appropriate)

Bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided.

No dancing will be required at the initial audition.



Rehearsals are expected to begin in early September, and run 3-4 times per week until the show's opening at the beginning of November.



November 7-9 and 14-16 (Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm Sunday at 2:00pm).

The show will be performed at Kelsey Theatre, on campus at Mercer County Community College (West Windsor, NJ)


All roles are open. A summary of available roles is provided below.



Seeking a total of approximately 20 actors, though cast size and planned doubling will be flexible based on audition results.


In general, adult actors (age 16+) of any age will be considered for all of the principal roles.


Principal roles are described below.


Most roles (including ensemble roles) require strong solo singing ability and vocal stamina; vocal improvisation in a rock style will be necessary for most roles.


Jesus (male, tenor): Charismatic, passionate, forceful, a leader by example. Need an exceptional rock-style singer with a dramatically extended range (consider high C a starting point) and comfortable rock falsetto.


Judas (male, tenor): The antagonist. He is an intellectual and tends toward overanalysis; as a result, Judas is filled with constant conflict regarding the right path to take.  Need a dynamic singer comfortable singing in a consistently high range.


Caiaphus (male, bass): High priest, and a formidable enemy.  Caiaphus is not a cartoon villain, but he is a very dangerous man when he believes he is right (and he usually does).  Need a true bass with an unusually low range.


Annas (male, tenor): Another high priest and associate of Caiaphus, more reckless and vicious than his colleague.  High, rough rock tenor.


Pontius Pilate (male, baritone): A more-or-less decent man of questionable courage; he has power and wields it with confidence, but his will is weak.  Need a gentle baritone capable of a high rock belt for a brief section of music.


Peter (male, baritone): First among the disciples of Jesus, a leader in his own right and entirely loyal to his cause.  He has considerable, albeit thus far untested, courage.  Need a strong singer with a somewhat more legit sound.


Simon Zealotes (any): Another of the disciples of Jesus, a fighter and a bit of a rabble-rouser.  Dynamic singer with strong high range required.


King Herod (any): A cruel, decadent, narcissist.  Will consider a wide range of possible performers for this role, across nearly any possible style.


Mary (female, mezzo-soprano or belter): A young woman who has been mostly forgotten and ignored.  She is a cynic but not yet bitter.  Looking for a warm, natural sound; willing to consider a range of singing styles for this role.


Ensemble: Includes, among other characters, disciples, priests, vendors, lepers, backup singers, and members of an angry mob. Many roles require solo singing; (adult) actors of all ages and types are needed.




By Ted Tiller

Company: Maurer Productions OnStage Inc.

Director:  John M.  Maurer    Stage Manager: Diana Gilman Maurer

Producers: John M. Maurer & Diana Gilman Maurer


Saturday, August 9th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Sunday, August 10th  from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Friday,  October  24, 2014 - 8pm         

Saturday,  October  25, 2014 - 8pm      

Sunday,  October  26, 2014 - 2pm         

Friday,  October  31, 2014 - 8pm 

Saturday,  November  1, 2014 - 8pm

Sunday,  November  2, 2014 - 2pm


Mercer County Community College, West Windsor Campus


Maurer Productions OnStage brings Bram Stoker's ground breaking novel ”Dracula” to the stage for Halloween. The award-winning team that brought you dramas like "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Hollywood Arms," and stage spectacles like "Shrek the Musical" and "Singin' in the Rain," is ready to make the dead rise and and bring the magic back to your haunted holiday. In this thrilling production, inspired by Bram Stoker's original text, MPO offers a fresh and exciting new introduction to classic characters like Jonathan Harker, Dr. Seward, Professor Van Helsing and the prince of darkness -- Count Dracula.

"Count Dracula" was adapted for the stage by Ted Tiller in 1971 from Bram Stoker's Victorian novel of gothic horror, "Dracula." Tiller's play is tightly constructed and entertaining with engaging dialogue and a menacing villain.


Read Through: Saturday August 23rd

CHARACTERS (ALL ROLES ARE OPEN) ages listed are just a guideline.

DR. ARTHUR SEWARD:  Male - Mid-40s to early 60s, Chief physician of his Asylum for the insane, north of London, Seward is a dignified, kindly, compassionate man, he is frequently exasperated by (but affectionately patient with) the wandering vagaries of his sister's muddled mind. Essentially serious and straightforward, he is capable of quiet, unexpected humor.

SYBIL SEWARD: Female - Mid 40's to Mid 50's, Sybil is Dr. Seward's spinster sister, addle-pated, occasionally detached from reality and harmlessly touched in the head. She has a love of sherry and is the mistress of the non sequitur. She is an unconsciously funny, slightly daft, cheerful romantic who's never known romance.

MINA MURRY: Female - Early 20's to early 30's Mina Murray is Arthur Seward's Ward.  She is an attractive young woman, gentle, warm-hearted and quick to respond to others needs, but her strange malady has made her listless, inattentive and oddly remote. She does her best to hide her illness from her fiancé Jonathan Harker.  During the play; as she falls further under Count Dracula's supernatural power, her personality slowly changes to that of a seductive, scheming wanton.  Before our eyes, she is turning into a Vampire.

JONATHAN HARKER: Male - Mid 20's to early 30's, Jonathan is Mina's fiancé. He is a likable, outgoing, successful architect. Despite his education, when it comes to Mina, he is more the brash man of action then a thinker. He is deeply in love with her and will do anything to protect her.

HEINRICH VAN HELSING: Male - Mid-40s to early 60s.  Van Helsing was Arthur Stewards Mentor, a few years older than Dr. Seward. He has the rumpled appearance of a comfortable old shoe and looks on his fellow man with a humorous eye. He is a dedicated scientist and a genial man except when crossed over an issue he deems important; then geniality is replaced by sternness.

COUNT DRACULA: Male - Mid 30's to late 40's. The Count is distinguished. His countenance is arresting, lupine, cruel and coldly handsome. Though evil incarnate, he has an almost hypnotic control on those around him.  His accent is slightly Continental. When he speaks his voice not only insinuates but threatens.

MISS HENNESSEY: Female - Late 20's to 60's. Matron and chief attendant at Dr. Seward's asylum. She is earnest, hard-working, pleasant and tougher then she looks.  She manages both the Asylum and the Seward's household.

WESLEY: Male - Late 20's to 50's Asylum attendant, a pleasant nature, an easy smile, a little brash-but never rude.


You can now use our online audition sign-up site to schedule your audition.

Go to www.mponstage.com/CastMe; choose Count Dracula and sign up for an available slot.

If you can't access the website or if you have any problems signing up, you can still call (609) 882-2292 or email at audition@mponstage.com to schedule an audition time.

 If all audition slots are full and you wish to audition for the show, please call and we will try to set up another time for you to audition.







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