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The Kelsey Theatre has 10 different Theatre Companies that use our stage and their needs vary.  Please read ALL audition notices through to see what is required and how to sign up for the audition. 

All auditions for Kelsey Theatre productions will be held on the Mercer County Community College unless stated otherwise in the announcement.  Auditions are usually held in the College's Communications Building please check the Kelsey Theatre sign boards for specific room locations.

If you would like to receive audition notifications via email please click on this link KELSEY AUDITION SIGN-UP and fill in your name and email address.





GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS: David Mamet’s 1984 Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Glengarry Glen Ross”, is about the struggles of four shady small-time salesmen in a small branch of a larger real estate company located in Chicago. Taking place over two business days in the mid-80s, the play portrays the dog-eat-dog world of real estate and the ends ruthless salesmen will go to in order to sell overpriced and undesirable land to uninterested and reluctant potential buyers. The cutthroat conniving salesmen resort to trickery, bribery, deceit, lying, and theft. This dark play successfully illustrates the social Darwinist nature of the shady world of real estate in a big city and the Darwinian rules of the desperate salesmen’s game.

Presented by The Pennington Players – Produced by Vicki Kaiser – Directed by Kyrus Keenan Westcott

SPECIAL DIRECTOR NOTE – The director is open to casting a female in the role of Ricky Roma, John Williamson, or Officer Balen.

NOTE: This is non-union production. There is no financial compensation for this production.


  • Wednesday, March 7th from 7:30pm-9:30pm
  • Saturday, March 10th from 12:30pm-2:30pm
  • INVITED CALLBACKS: Monday, March 12th at 7:00pm
  • Auditions will be held inside the CM Building at Mercer County Community College
    • 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, New Jersey 08550


Advanced sign-up is required. To sign-up for an audition time, please visit

  • GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS auditions are open to all actors, male and female. No roles are pre-cast.
  • The director is open to casting a female in the role of Ricky Roma, John Williamson, or Officer Balen.
  • Familiarity with the show and story beforehand is highly recommended.


  • Must be available for rehearsals with limited conflicts between April 2nd and opening night.
  • Must be comfortable with delivering dialogue which some may consider offensive. (Frequent swearing, racial insults, etc.)


  • Please prepare one 60-90 second contemporary monologue.
  • Be prepared for cold readings if asked.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition.
  • Please bring a completed audition packet. You will receive a copy of this audition packet via e-mail when you sign-up for an audition slot.


  • Rehearsals will begin the week of April 2, 2018.
  • Performances will take place inside The Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College
    • 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, New Jersey 08550
  • Tech Week (No Conflicts Allowed): May 20-24, 2018
  • Performance Dates & Times (No Conflicts Allowed)
  •               Friday, May 25th at 8pm
    • Saturday, May 26th at 8pm
    • Sunday, May 27th at 2pm
    • Friday, June 1st at 8pm
    • Saturday, June 2nd at 8pm
    • Sunday, June 3rd at 2pm


RICKY ROMA: Open to male and female actors. The leading salesman, slick, ruthless, charming. Target playing age 30s/40s.

SHELLEY “THE MACHINE” LEVENE: Open to male and female actors. Older salesman down on his luck, in a slump and desperate for a return to his glory days. Target playing age 40s/50s/60s.

DAVE MOSS: Volatile, scheming salesman. At odds with Roma throughout. Target playing age 30s/40s/50s.

GEORGE AARONOW: Nice guy. A salesman who hates his job and the lies he has to tell to succeed. Target playing age 40s/50s/60s.

JOHN WILLIAMSON – Open to male and female actors. The sales office manager. Company man. Hated by all the salesman as he has never done their job. Bureaucrat but willing to bend the rules for personal gain. Target playing age 20s/30s.

JAMES LYNGK – Impressionable, friendless client of Roma. Signs up to buy some real estate then changes his mind. Target playing age 30s/40s.

BAYLEN – Open to male and female actors. Police officer investigating fraud at the sales office. Target playing age 20s/30s/40s.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS auditions, rehearsals and/or performances, please contact us anytime at




AUDITIONS: Friday, April 27 (7-9), Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29, (10-4)



DIRECTOR: Mike DiIorio             MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Pam Sharples             CHOREOGRAPHER: Laura Ghaffoor




Friday, 7/27 & 8/3, Saturday, 7/28 & 8/4,  Sunday, 7/29 & 8/5


To schedule an audition time and show info, please visit:



The audition will consist of singing (audition songs listed below), a reading (if needed) and dance. 

Readings will be from the script.

Bring the audition form, updated picture and resumé with you.

Please bring both jazz and tap shoes. (If you do not have tap shoes, bring well-fitting shoes with hard soles)

Everyone will be taught some dance movements so please wear comfortable clothes. There will be a tap audition as well.    



It’s 1922, and small-town girl Millie Dillmount has just arrived in New York City, ready to make her dreams come true. Millie’s plan is simple: find a job as a secretary for an eligible bachelor, and then marry him. It doesn’t take long, however, for Millie’s “thoroughly modern” plan to go awry. Her conniving landlady plots to kidnap Millie’s best friend and sell her into slavery in Hong Kong, her wealthy boss seems entirely uninterested in her flirtations, and -- worst of all -- the man with whom she falls head over heels in love doesn’t have a penny to his name. Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie is a bright, funny, and charming musical comedy -- a heartfelt valentine to New York City and the people who love her.

C H A R A C T E R   D E S C R I P T I O N S :

MILLIE DILLMOUNT: (Female 22-35) (LEAD) Mezzo-Soprano. A sweet, charismatic woman with a great sense of humor, sharp comedic timing, and a zest for life.  Needs a strong voice with lots of stamina. Tap dancing a must. AUDITION SONG: “Gimme, Gimme”

JIMMY SMITH: (Male mid 20s-40s) (LEAD) Tenor. Self-assured, quick-witted, and charming with a good sense of comedic timing. Good mover; dancer a plus.  AUDITION SONG: “What Do I Need with Love”

DOROTHY BROWN: (Female 20s-30s) (SUPPORTING) Soprano. She’ll only be referred to as Miss Dorothy, befitting her wealthy status; a refined and sophisticated yet naïve, lady. Tap and ballet or ballroom skills.  AUDITION SONG: “How the Other Half Lives”


TREVOR GRAYDON: (Male 30s -40s) (SUPPORTING) Baritone. Handsome and debonair, Trevor is an executive at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company; a strong leading man. Comedic in his “straight man” role. Good mover.       AUDITION SONG: “The Speed Test”

MRS. MEERS: (Female 40s+) (SUPPORTING) Mezzo-Soprano, Alto. Deceptive and conniving, she’s a former actress from Brooklyn who fakes a Chinese accent and motherly instincts to lure unsuspecting tenants into her trap. AUDITION SONG: “They Don’t Know”

CHING HO (Baritone) & BIN FOO (Tenor): (Adult males, age open) (SUPPORTING) Brothers; immigrants from China. Will be speaking in Cantonese and singing in Mandarin. Must sing and be good movers.    AUDITION SONG: “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

MUZZY VAN HOSSMERE: Female (40+)(SUPPORTING) Mezzo-Soprano, Alto. Glamorous, big-hearted, fun loving, and wise with lots of soul. A diva who knows how to have a good time while never losing sight of what really matters in life & love. Must be a good mover.          AUDITION SONG: “Only In New York”


MISS FLANNERY: (Female age 30+) (FEATURED) Mezzo-Soprano. A stern, no-nonsense kind of gal. The Sincere Trust Insurance Company’s Office Manager, she runs a tight ship. Strong singer. Tap dance a plus. AUDITION SONG: “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

GLORIA, ALICE, RITA, RUTH, AND ETHEL: (Females 20s-30s) (FEATURED) Mezzo-Soprano. Energetic, fun-loving young ladies, all looking for their big break in NYC. All must sing. Looking for different ranges. Dance: Tap and Ballet.  AUDITION SONG: “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

MALE AND FEMALE ENSEMBLE: to play multiple roles: All must sing and tap.  AUDITION SONG: “Thoroughly Modern Millie”


--------  A L L   R O L E S   A R E   O P E N  --------





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